We are economically turning biogas into renewable electricity & process heat


Q2P uses proprietary external combustion technology to provide an elegantly simple solution for the vast number of smaller biogas-producing sites. Our containerized, modular system – from 10kW to 250kW – adapts to the variances found in waste fuels without costly pre-treatment or emissions controls, which saves money over the life of a project.   


Distributed, Robust Renewable Electricity & Heat Generation

Q2Power’s proprietary system “harvests” waste biogas from waste water treatment facilities, landfills and livestock farms. Through an external combustion process, Q2Power converts these under-utilized resources into clean, green electricity for use at the host facility or back to the grid. Heat recapture can also be used for industrial processes – a robust Combined Heat & Power solution.



The core of Q2Power’s solution is its patented external combustion engine.  Scalable from 20HP up to about 60HP, this radial format piston engine uses high pressure steam as its working fluid, and is capable of operating through wide temperature fluctuations.
Engine and Generator

Engine and Generator

The Q2Power engine drives any number of variable speed and induction motors, with strong turn-down and throttling capabilities to match loading and fuel input variances.


The Q2Power proprietary combustor can handle untreated wet or dry biogas down to approximately 40% methane composition, with up to 99% methane destruction. 



Waste Fuel Capture

Biogas from waste water treatment plants and landfill is often “flared” to dispose of it. Instead, Q2P redirects this fuel to our system.


Energy Conversion

Heat from biogas combustion creates steam that our engine uses to generate mechanical power. Steam condenses and returns to the start of the process.


Revenue Generation

Q2P’s engine turns an electric generator connected to the grid. The power created off-sets the facility owner’s baseline and peak grid requirements.



Waste Water Treatment Plant, Lancaster, Ohio


Q2Power’s first pilot installation is located at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, in Lancaster Ohio.  This facility processes approx. 5 million gallons / day of sewage for the local community. In the past, no other power solution worked for them – nothing existed in the scale they needed to provide an economical solution.

Our entire engine / methane combustor system, instrumentation, controls, and associated gas and power lines have been installed in a 20’ intermodal container. It generates up to 10kW of power, and in the next phase, will recycle exhaust heat to be used to warm the bio-digester.  This second step can replace a 50 year-old boiler that needs constant maintenance.

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Model M10 (initial deployed model)

The Q2Power model M10 is a 10 kW (AC) distributed generation system. This compact, modular unit converts biogas and other waste gaseous fuels produced into renewable electrical power that can offset grid usage and demand charges. Multiple M10 units can be combined to generate greater electrical output in a single system. Larger engine systems — up to 30kW per module with multiple mods per container — are being planned currently.

The M10 solves the environmental issues of biogas discharge by fully and efficiently combusting and oxidizing hydrocarbon based fuels. Q2Power’s units require minimal gas pre-treatment, no emissions controls, and can be located at the site where gas is produced and typically flared.


Key Features


  • Turn low grade or unsteady supplies of methane into renewable power for use on-site or back to the grid.
  • Limited gas pre-treatment needed. Adjusts dynamically to quality and quantity variations.
  • Generate electricity at rates competitive with the grid.
  • 99% methane destruction to address emission compliance.
  • Safety Engineered and UL Listed Components.
  • IEEE 1547 compliant.
  • Zero Capital Cost financing option – all maintenance and service included.
  • Create renewable energy credits (REC’s).



Performance Profile

Power OutputUp to10kW@380-500V/ 3phase /50Hzor60 Hz. Multiple units can be combined and larger engine size (30kW) in development.
Unit DimensionL 78” / H 62”. Ht. @ burner top 98” / W 40”
Enclosure20 foot intermodal, steel shipping container, 20’ x 8’ x 8’ (can house multiple M10 units)
Energy BlockPatented steam cycle piston engine
Generator OutputGrid-tied induction generator with anti-islanding

System Profile

Fuel EmissionsMethane, Biogas, LFG, Flare Gas, Waste Gas w/
99% destruction / oxidation of hydrocarbons 45% methane or higher
Working FluidDeionized water, closed-loop
Heat SourceProprietary evaporator coil
Steam Temp500° F – 700° F
Cooling SourceSelf-contained / air to fluid condenser
LubricationWater lubricated via its working fluid
Operating RPM1,800 rpm nominal, variable speed induction
ControlsPLC, and remote monitoring
SafetySafety interlocks for gas, combustion
& mechanical. IEEE 1547 compliant