Q2P seeks to divert millions of tons of waste from landfills by repurposing it to create the foundation for economic growth.

Same source, more solutions to convert waste into valuable reuse products.

Q2P has expanded its solution portfolio to include certified compost and engineered soils utilizing bio-solids from waste water treatment plants


Methane to Power and Heat | Bio-Solids to Compost and Engineered Soils

Agricultural Compost

Q2P seeks to manufacture from bio-solids and other waste feedstocks Class A “Exceptional Quality” compost as regulated by the EPA, containing a United States Composting Council’s (USCC) Seal of Testing Assurance documenting that it is a certified compost meeting the high contractual testing standards required by the USCC. These products serve as an all-purpose slow-release fertilizer and soil amendment with a guaranteed nutrient analysis — a recycled alternative to chemical products.


Engineered Soils from Bio-Solid Compost

Engineered soils are formulated to conserve water and nutrients, control pollution, and match building specs. The main component is compost.

Different formulations are used to supply the weight, compactibility, structural support, and other qualities needed for commercial and municipal construction and infrastructure projects, rooftop gardens, water retaining structures, and other beautiful landscapes.

These soils can help conserve water and nutrients, reduce pollution, increase urban greenspace, improve air quality, and provide a more aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environment.


Q2P will receive tipping fees from waste water treatment plants which covers the costs of transporting the materials to a partnering compost facility and production of the primary compost product. This finished product can be sold into the agricultural industry, or up-graded to engineered soils used in the commercial and municipal construction industry.